Testimonial 06

As part of a Center for Health Design Pebble Project initiative, Lori and I led a wayfinding research study fordesign of the New Parkland Hospital in Dallas. We worked with a multi-disciplinary, international team made up of interior designers, architects, environmental graphic designers, PhDs, post-doctoral candidates, clinicians, and community-based volunteers during the initial phases of the study.  During the multi-year process, Lori’s drive and commitment to the research helped to establish many of the research design protocols for the study and kept us on-track through the challenges of defining a manageable scope within the broad topic of wayfinding.  As we prepare for a post-occupancy evaluation phase at Parkland in conjunction with a coalition of other researchers and studies for the new hospital, I look forward to continuing the wayfinding research with Lori and reporting out our findings to the evidenced-based design community.

Bob Agosta
Associate Principal
Mitchell Associates

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Lori McGilberry
Testimonial 05

It has been my pleasure to work with Lori on several projects over many years. I have come to appreciate her drive to understand detailed Interior systems and how to best integrate them into the interior environment. Lori strives to create inventive interior environments that enhance the human experience, and to make all want to experience the environments she has created. Her avid curiosity and eagerness to explore new interior systems and materials serve her design visions well by making complex technical concepts appear effortless.

Larry McLain
President Designed
Performance Associates

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Lori McGilberry
Testimonial 04

For more than two years, Lori led a multidisciplinary team of designers, vendors and contractors to envision, procure and install more than $12,500,000 of furniture and integrated information technology for the state-of-the-art William T. Clements University Hospital at the UT Southwestern Medical Center. Lori actively collaborated with her customers to successfully balance dynamic cost and time constraints and to maximize quality and value. Adept at communicating with all audiences, Lori is a proactive and reliable partner who adds value through her on-going design research and articulate aesthetic insights. I look forward to future opportunities to work with Kilter and Lori McGilberry.

Jerry Oksner
(former Director of Program Management at ADAMS Management Services)
Administrative Director of Facilities
St. Anthony North Health Campus

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Lori McGilberry
Testimonial 03

Over 8- years of working with Lori McGilberry, I found that if a project needed a new perspective, Lori is who I wanted to have on my team and would deliver. We may ask her for an understanding of evidence based design research, interior design, or the integration of both.  Our daily design work can become mechanical but with Lori’s drive to know what else is happening in the world, she brings the how and why of changing ideas. Lori will bring the ‘what if’s’ to the table and expand our view. Her fearless search for something new brought science and design together on projects that were giant like Parkland Hospital or small like a Physical Therapy renovation in Greenville Texas.  I like working with Lori because she takes projects to a different level of thought and pushes boundaries.

Tammy Testa AIA AAH, EDAC
Vice President

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Lori McGilberry
Testimonial 02

Lori brought the rich experience of her diverse interior design career to Gerflor and contributed to the company from a unique perspective. Due to her key position within the design industry, including her tenure as president of the American Academy of Healthcare Interior Designers, Lori brought credibility and focus regarding the design process to Gerflor that we had not had in the past. Lori is always proactive in pursuing the best, evidence-based methods to build our brand, develop our product and educate our team about design in general and healthcare design in particular. Lori facilitated focus groups vetting new product prototypes across the US and collaborated with our US marketing team and design team in France based on the results. Lori speaks design easily to many different audiences and effectively builds design “bridges.”  We look forward to continue working with Lori in the future.

Jim Bistolas
National Sales + Healthcare Segment Director

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Lori McGilberry
Testimonial 01

Lori and I worked closely together over 8 years on the 2.1 million square foot new Parkland Hospital. Over the course of the project, Lori, as the lead interior designer for Corgan, was a strong collaborator and worked with the multi-disciplinary team toward win-win solutions that were responsive to the project's design vision, schedule, and budget. It was key to the success of the project to have a partner who could communicate key details and coordination points as well as develop effective solutions that represented the perspectives of all stakeholders to bring the project to completion beautifully.

Matt Jones
Operations Director
Balfour Beatty

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Lori McGilberry