Parkland Case Study (2).jpg

The team conducted a pre-occupancy wayfinding study to compare the perception of wayfinding difficulty between the existing Parkland hospital, which was in use, and the completed, but unoccupied, new Parkland hospital building. 

To create a similar experience between the two buildings, the study subjects were given a scripted wayfinding task in each building of similar length and complexity.  The subjects also wore eye-tracking glasses so that the team could evaluate which landmarks along the routes were the most viewed. 

Each subject was given the scripted directions to follow and asked to estimate the difficulty of the task.  After they arrived at the destination, they were asked to assess the actual difficulty of the task. 


After computing the results, the team noted that, although the new facility was twice as large as the old facility, more subjects found the task “very easy” in the new facility.  The team looks forward to repeating the study in the occupied new facility.