Gerflor USA


Gerflor : Healthcare Segment Manager

Leading strategy development for Gerflor’s healthcare focused business




As part of this role, Lori served as a liaison with Interior Designers and firms for product development.  Identifying qualified participants and facilitating these product development workshops requires preparation and a clear understanding of the goals of the manufacturer. Properly run, the data resulting from these workshops can provide key insights to product lines in development and result in increased market share – significant return on investment. Reporting, outcome evaluation and executive summaries are key to documenting these workshops.


In a more rigorous format, Lori used a survey in a focus group setting allowing for the information gathering process to be more reproducible among the groups and for a more detailed report structure.  However, the survey tool itself is key to the success of the process in this type of group. This survey-based format requires even more work on the front-end of the process, often including piloting of the survey to test for accuracy and validity.



After product collections are designed to sell, marketing collateral – material folders and/or display methods, promotional events, and “swag" - become key to the collection’s visibility, perception and ultimate success.  Often, manufacturers’ marketing departments can use a little “insider” knowledge regarding how best to approach this effort. This is one of Lori’s favorite opportunities to tackle!

Every manufacturer needs to find their niche. That event or “cookie break” that designers look forward to and no competitor can (or will dare to) duplicate. A key give-away that balances budget but makes it home from the conference or – as designers’ desks get smaller and smaller – doesn’t get cleared away as clutter.

Gerflor has roots in France including a production facility situated near lavender fields in Provence. A fun play on that story is creating a sensory experience with lavender sachets and small travel clutches– branded with a Gerflor tag – as well as lavender essential oil and hand sanitizer. Adding the sensory experience of lavender aroma had a significant impact at trade shows and conferences, and drew attendees to the Gerflor table.

French macaroon towers and French-themed wine and cheese events added to the enhanced brand of the company. With training and demonstration at corporate events, branding of marketing, events and properly presented swag can be re-enforced nation-wide.