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Enriching the Human Experience

As Managing Principal of Kilter, Lori is passionate about leveraging the best of the interior environment to serve the human experience; this mission has driven her throughout her career no matter the scale of project on which she was working.  From interior materiality as part of the architectural envelope to furniture placement, each element contributes to the gestalt of the whole. This idea of the entirety of a design becoming more than the sum of its individual elements is an aspirational philosophy at Kilter.

Optimizing Research-Based Insight

Lori is certified through the Center for Health Design’s Evidence Based Design Accreditation (EDAC) program.  This certification provides a basis of knowledge for Lori’s experience in both applied research within projects and developing new research opportunities associated with projects or in conjunction with manufacturers or other partners.  As part of the evidence-based design (EBD) community, Lori is committed to contributing to the body of knowledge available within the community.  Lori engages in research projects, attends EBD focused events nation-wide and has spoken often about her EBD experience.


A Differentiated Approach

Kilter is available to support our clients to expand existing personnel capacity at times of peak work demand, to provide additional areas of expertise and to provide a skilled HUB/WBE partner.  (HUB/WBE applications have been submitted and certifications are pending.) Kilter’s approach depends upon agile collaboration as we explore projects collaboratively and develop evidence-based solutions that bring value to clients and their organizations. 

Reliable Partnerships

Throughout her career, Lori has developed strong relationships with her clients and has client partnerships dating back to the early 2000s. Partnerships such as these are built upon responsiveness, accessibility, flexibility, and, when required, proactive problem-solving.  Design is about community both literally and figuratively and Kilter delivers in both respects.s


Managing Principal

Lori is an experienced Interior Designer who has worked on projects ranging in size from 50K square feet to well over 2M square feet, with total construction cost from a few million to over $650M. She has worked extensively in a broad range of market sectors including a deep dive in the sector of healthcare interior design. She is a board-certified healthcare interior designer (CHID) through the American Academy of Healthcare Interior Designers (AAHID). Lori joined the board of the American Academy of Healthcare Interior Designers AAHID in 2014; in 2016, she was proud to serve the organization as the President of the board.   Lori holds the NCIDQ certificate through the Council for Interior Design Qualification and is a member of the International Interior Design Association.

Connecting to the design community through her personal interests comes naturally to Lori via her fascination with research and data.  This interest has led her to engage in the evidence-based design community, pursue her Evidence-Based Design Accreditation and Certification and bring this evidence-based rigor to her work.  Lori holds a minor degree in art and is a museum enthusiast, which is also reflected in her professional pursuits.  Lori is perpetually curious and her husband, an architect, is a good sport about listening to the random facts she collects each day. (Did you know that Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport is bigger than Manhattan?) Lori is an avid reader and can’t resist a great collection of miscellany.  (She recommends Schott’s Original Miscellany and The Book Lovers’ Miscellany for a start in this genre.) Check out more of Lori's recommendations and thought-provoking remarks on Kilter Reads!



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